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Model: Phantom

Safety Tips/Warnings

To avoid hearing damage, remove the headphones from your ears when turning ON the amplified speakers.  Listen at a safe level at all times. Long-term exposure to loud music may cause hearing damage, especially when listening for extended periods. Listen responsibly. Be aware of the surroundings and only wear your Phantoms when it is safe. For example, don't wear while operating a motorized vehicle or crossing a busy street. Do not expose your Phantoms to rain, water, other liquids, or extreme temperatures.

What You Get

Getting Started + Battery Charging

For optimal battery life, deplete the initial battery and then charge.

Connect the mini USB to your Phantoms and the USB to the port on your computer. The blue LED indicates charging.

Listening Modes

Phantoms work in 3 different modes:

  1. No LED: Traditional use
  2. White LED: Internally amplified
  3. Red LED: Boombox mode
General Use

Using your desired cable, connect to a portable or home audio device, such as an MP3 player, computer, stereo, or music-enabled phone, electric guitar, beat machine, etc. 

For traditional and general use, adjust your Phantoms using both hands. Note the L+R markings. For best sound, hang the cable from the left side. 

To internally amplify, power ON to display the white LED lights. Before doing so, lower the volume or remove your Phantoms from your head and ears altogether. Always listen at a safe level. 

For Boombox Mode, power ON and press the bomb to display the red LED lights. For best performance, listen at 80%-90% of the maximum volume. 

To amplify your music in Boombox Mode even more, place your Phantoms inside the Bombshell, close the lid, but don't zip it up. You'll notice an instant amplification boost. 

After use, store everything in your Bombshell.

Use with a Phone

To use your Phantoms with an iPhone™, press the green button to answer and press again to end the call.  While listening to your music, press the green button once to pause your song, twice to forward a track, and three times to go back a track.

To use your Phantoms with a Blackberry® smartphone, press the green button to answer a call, press once to mute the call, press and hold down to end the call.


Call 1-855-758-7671 for answers.

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